ACS School News 9-11-2020

We went from hot sunny 90 degree days to snow overnight!  The birds in on the mesa were all acting crazy and the students rescued a few that were dazed and disoriented.  Soon we will return to a beautiful Indian Summer before winter really gets here.

We have students in Cohorts A and B attending on different days now. We all look forward to the time when we can be together again.  As we continue to follow the 5 Commitments of Containment the time may come soon!  If you wonder if your student should participate in an out of school activity ask yourself “Does the organization I am considering follow the 5 commitments”?

5 Commitments of Containment

  • I will maintain 6 feet of distance from anyone not in my household.
  • I will wash my hands often.
  • I will cover my face in public.
  • I will stay home when I am sick.
  • I will seek testing immediately and self-report if I experience symptoms.

We are using Colored stone paths as a new system to enter the school.  This supports all of us to keep our distance and use our grade specific entrances. Thank you to Molly Haberman and the other many parent volunteers who helped paint and lay the stones for each path.
Please remember to  slow down on the road as you approach school.  This is for student safety.

We welcome students at 8:50 am.  School starts at 9:00 am.

Dismissal is 2:50 pm.  Teachers are ready to support pick-up at 2:45 pm.


Aspen Music Festival Presents;

After-School Music Education Starting October 5.