ACS Summer News June 2020

Summer is here!  Hopefully we are all launching into summer, staying safe and getting to clear our heads after the school year.  Take a moment to complete the survey about ACS if you haven’t already.   

Then see some things that are happening around campus.

The ACS/CCS Business Directory is up and on the website!  You can see it on the Compass page, Aspen Community School page and the Carbondale Community School page.  The heading is on the top just after Facility Rentals.  We have so many amazing skills and businesses right here from all of us!  This is just the beginning.  We plan to grow this directory.  Thank about how you will portray your business.  The Business Directory will be updated in the Fall.

The Garden on campus was created by Annie Teague.  It was funded by Polly Whitcomb and named after Polly’s daughter, Verena Bent.  Verena was an alumni of Aspen Community School.  This summer since we didn’t have students around it was been planted by Ric Morrison from our Woodshop.  Ric stepped forward to plant a giant salad bowl.

We will see what is available to harvest when we all get back together.

There are new stairs alongside the Music room.  We will be walking in style now that we have replaced the old steps!

You are all missed and we can’t wait to be together.  Enjoy your time off from school!