Fall break!!!


Highlights:  The Ks continued to think about, illustrate, and write ways they could care for themselves and others. They enjoyed sharing their ideas and seeing their work displayed on posters.  

It has also been sweet listening to the Ks share ways they are using their “breathing tool.”

Language Arts:  The Ks are continuing to practicing pointing and touching the words they are reading. When they come across a word they don’t know, they are learning to look at the picture, say the beginning sound of the word, and think what makes sense.  

In Writer’s Workshop they have begun to write personal narratives.  They have started to think of a true story and to plan their story with a beginning, middle and end.  

Math: In math this week the Ks have continued to count, estimate, and record. They estimated and then weighed the large zucchinis and Lilah’s ghost pumpkin. Next week, they will have a chance to weigh Etai’s large pumpkin. They have also acted out story problems to solve simple addition equations.  

Homework: Most of the homework has directions, you could read and go over with your child. Your child may need your guidance with the potato harvest book.

Notes: Halloween party on Friday. The daily schedule is the following:

8:10-8:25   Settle in. Prepare to go to the central area for An All School Costume contest

8:30-9:30    Costume Contest. Each class will have a chance to walk in front of the judges

9:30-10:00   K-4: Change/Snack/Recess….5-7: Finish setting-up the carnival

10:00-11:15 Carnival and Obstacle Course

11:30          K, 1-2 Lunch

12:00          Recess

12:45         Awards

1:15-2:30    Classes

Please send your child in his/her costume with an extra set of clothes to change out of.  The Ks will change out of their costumes before morning recess. If your child has a prop for his/her costume, the prop will also be put away after the contest. If you child has a gun for a prop, keep the guns at home.

The cost for the carnival and El Tioga is $8. If your child does not want the lunch, it is $3 for the carnival ONLY.

News this week: Have your child think about a quiet/safe place he/she can go to become calm and quiet. This place can be real or imagined. Have your child draw a picture of his/her place to show and talk about on his/her news day.

Parent volunteer needs:

10/26 Assist Monday afternoon 1-3

10/28 Assist Sarah helping the Ks make saucers

10/29 Assist Thursday afternoon 1-3

10/30 Assist on Halloween during the morning or afternoon

Thank yous:

Thank you Etai for being Snack King, we loved the fresh fruit, veggies and the chips and salsa.

Thank you Logan for being Snack Queen next week.

Thank you Yosefa for helping the Ks make quiche last Monday.  

Thank you Kathy for volunteering to come in next Tuesday afternoon.  

Thank you to the parents we saw on Thursday for conferences.