Jim and Cindy on Halloween
Sheriff Jim and Sea Princess Cindy on Halloween

Highlights: The Ks had a wonderful day wearing their costumes, watching everyone at the costume contest, participating in the Carnival activities, making bats and ceramic saucers, and playing outside.  They were so happy and proud of their costumes.

Language Arts:  The Ks acted out and recited Halloween poems and learned to read new books. In Writer’s Workshop, they continued to work on their true stories by adding details to their illustrations and their words.

Math: The Ks continued acting out and solving story problems. They had the most fun estimating the weight of Etai’s gigantic ghost pumpkin, weighing themselves, and then weighing his pumpkin. We found that everyone weighed between 34 and 48.2 pounds. Etai’s pumpkin weighed 33.8 pounds.

Homework: We sent a letter and activity from The ToolBox Project for your child to do with you.  In addition, we sent a fun Halloween word search, maze, and a dot to dot that we copied from Noah’s Halloween book. Your child may need some guidance. 

News this week: Show my picture and talk about my safe, quiet space.

Parent volunteer needs: Afternoon support for the week of November 2nd and the week of November 9th.

Thank yous:

Thank you Caden for being Snack King, we loved the fresh apples, strawberries, carrots, and healthy popcorn.  

Thank you  Kathy and Yosefa for supporting the Ks in the afternoon.

Thank you Wendy for spending the entire day supporting the Ks and helping them make ceramic pots in the afternoon.

Thank you Jes Campos for labelling more of our library books and helping with the bat project.

Thank you Maggie and Kristen for sending in special Halloween snacks.

Thank you all for helping out on Friday. Your presence helped the Ks maintain a positive attitude.