Our new friend at Aspen Tree. He likes dandelions, chives and kale.


The gorgeous field of greens growing at the Rock Bottom Ranch.

Highlights:  We really enjoyed meeting with the families that had conferences on Wednesday.  It was exciting for the students to show you all of their hard work.  We also had two wonderful field trips to Rock Bottom Ranch and Aspen Tree.  The kids saw pigs, chickens and a beautiful green house at Rock Bottom Ranch.  They ended the tour with making apple cider with the apples that Rusty brought.  It was delicious! The Aspen Tree tour allowed the kids to feed the alpacas and goats, see and taste the edible garden, feed the chickens and visit the tropical greenhouse.

Language Arts:  The Ks have been learning to read new books such as Dogs, Camping and A House.  They have been going a little deeper with the books by making and sharing their connections to the text. They are creating mini books about those topics. Keeping with the pattern of the original book, they each are adding a page. They have continued to play Alphabet Bingo and sound games where they sort toys into boxes which corresponds to the sound that the toy starts with.

Math: This week we started a new game about sorting.  We began sorting kids based on different “attributes” such as kids who wore short sleeves and long sleeves, hair color, and students who were wearing stripes.  This will carry over to having the Ks sort and categorize various things such as shapes by attributes.

Homework: Most of your child’s homework has directions on the page. Please read the directions and go over them with your child. In the math section, you will find a die and a page that says Roll and Record. Have your child roll the die and record the number on it. The game stops when there is a number written in every box in one column. Your child might find that he/she rolls certain numbers more than others and that it takes awhile to get certain numbers. Have fun!

Notes: This week we learned more about the Breathing Tool.  Ask your child about it and when he/she might use it.  As a school we will be learning and  using tools from the TOOLBOX which fosters the development of resilience, self-mastery, and empathy for others. We are excited about this program and look forward to sharing the tools with you.

News this week: Have your child think of a time that he/she could use the Breathing Tool. If he/she wants to, have your child illustrate the idea. On his/her news day, your child can either talk about the idea or show and talk about his/her idea.

Parent volunteer needs:

Afternoon support on Tuesday 10/20 from 1:00-3:00

Assist Sarah with the narcissus clay project on 10/21 8:15-11:50

Afternoon support for Tuesday, 10/27 and Thursday, 10/29

Thank yous:

Thank you Madeleine for being Snack Queen, we loved the fruit caterpillars, and the dirt and worms.

Thank you Rusty for bringing apples to press at Rock Bottom Ranch.

Thank you Yosefa for helping the Ks make stone soup.

Thank you Jenn and Wendy for chaperoning the field trip to Rock Bottom Ranch.

Thank you Maggie and John- Mark for chaperoning the field trip to Aspen Tree.

Thank you Etai for being Snack King next week.

Thank you to the parents for coming to the conference on Wednesday.

Thank you to the parents for signing up on Thursday. We look forward to seeing you.