Round and round we go, we hold each others hand, and weave our lives in a circle

IMG_4793Highlights: It was so lovely to see an Aspen Community School alumni perform at the All School Meeting.  Obadiah studied music and is now a professional musician.  It is always such a treat to have him visit.    

Language Arts:  The Ks have continued to write books about things that they know a lot about.  Some examples are Horses, Dogs, Meerkats, Cats, Fairies, Cooking, and Birds. The Ks are learning to stretch out their sounds, label pictures, write words that match the picture, and edit by adding more details to their pictures and words.  When they finish a text, they are learning to get feed back from a classmate. The Ks were paired up with a partner. They took turns being the reader and the responder.  In addition, they have been practicing writing upper case letters such as R, N, M,H,and K. They are learning to form their letters by starting at the top. 

The Ks listened to and discussed two versions of Stone Soup and If you Give a Mouse a Cookie. They recited, read, and began to illustrate the poem The Five Little Pumpkins.

Math: The Ks have been practicing making Halloween patterns on their October calendars.  They also learned a new game called Dice Math.  

Homework: This week you will find Dice Math, Counting On,  books, and sound worksheets.

Dice Math: Roll dice, record the dots of each die in a box on the worksheet, total the amount of dots, and record the number. Use the number resource to support writing the number correctly.

Help your child by reading the directions to the sound sheets. Your child began work on one page. He/she may remember what to do on that page. 

Have your child read through the books a few times throughout the weekend.  Help support your reader in pointing and touching each word as they read it.  Sometimes it is fun to go on word hunts to find words such as the, and, see, I, or repetitious words in the stories.  

Notes: On Monday we are making Stone Soup.  Please send your child in with a vegetable to add to the soup.  

Thanks for signing up for a conference. Plan on bringing your child. For the first part of the conference, he/she will show you some of his/her work. Afterwards, your child can choose an activity while we discuss goals and answer your questions. There is no school on both of those days.

News:  The news items were incredible. The Ks brought in a ghost pumpkin,  an elk antler, fire weed, a squash,  a wasp nest, and many beautiful leaves to show and discuss.  This week, please help your child find something else he/she can show or talk about regarding the fall season. 

Parent volunteer needs:

One  parent volunteer Monday 10/12 Assist Sarah with the narcissus clay project  8:15-11:50

Two parent volunteers for 10/15, Thursday field trip to Rock Bottom Ranch 9:00- 12:45

Two parent volunteers for 10/16, Friday field trip to Aspen Tree 10:15-1:30

 Assist Sarah with the narcissus clay project on 10/21 8:15-11:50

Afternoon support on Monday 10/19 and Tuesday 10/20 1:00-3:00

During the afternoon time we may ask you to help with various projects such as color coding books, hanging kid’s work, assisting with a project, reading a story, or helping kids complete a project.


Thank you Noah for being Snack King, we loved the apples, fresh fruit, and cinnamon cookies.  

Thank you Maggie for assisting on Monday afternoon.

Thank you Nancy, Greg, Tillie, Jes, Ashley, Kristen, Maggie, Joey, and Jenn for  helping the kids settle in.

Thank you Wendy for helping Sarah with the ceramic project.

Thank you Logan for the birthday cupcakes.

Thank you Caden for the birthday Halloween cookies.