Winter is coming!

African dancers
African dancers

Highlights: The whole school had a wonderful time watching the African dancers.  The leaders were from Ghana, and the group was based out of Boulder.  They sang, drummed and danced.  They surprised us by bringing a few of the Ks up to dance with them in front of the whole school.  Then the teachers all got up and danced!  The K-4 had a chance to learn a dance and then the 5-8.  It was so fun for everyone involved.  

Language Arts:  The Ks have continued to learn to read new books. After hearing the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, the Ks talked about and acted out the meaning of words such as generous, nuisance,  exhausted, and energetic. They also played many rhyming games and practiced spelling words in word families such as the “OT” family  (hot, not, pot) and the “OP” family (top, cop, chop, stop).

Math: In math this week, the Ks learned a new game called Inventory Bags.  After they got a bag with a random amount of  toys or school supplies, they had fun discovering what was on the bag and recording the amount.

Notes: No school next Wednesday 11/11 Veterans Day.

On 11/18 from 9:00-10:30, we will be going to ACES to learn about animals preparing for the winter. You may want to minimize the time your child is on the bus. Consider meeting us at ACES at 9:00. Please let us now your transportation plans for the 18th. Thanks.

Homework: You will find a few math worksheets. The directions are on the page.  In the Language Arts section there is a page for your child to draw a picture of a way he/she can be generous. There are a few books for your child to read to you. Have fun!

News this week: Have your child bring the picture that he/she drew about being generous to show and tell at news.

Parent volunteer needs: Afternoon support on 11/9, 11/10, 11/12, 11/13.

11/18 Assist the Ks on our field Trip to ACES. We will be there from 9:00-10:30.

Thank yous:

Thank you Charlotte for being Snack Queen, we loved the cinnamon bread with cream cheese, the zucchini bread, and the  yummy, fresh, cut up apples and oranges.

Thank you Lewis for being Snack King next week.  

Thank you Gregg and Nancy for the delicious birthday treats for Nesta.

Thank you Kristen, Nancy, Tillie, Jenn, Hanna, Mike, Richard, Jason, and Maggie for lingering in the morning and helping the kids settle in.

Thank you Yosefa for the cupcakes and support on Friday afternoon.