A fun week in 2020!

It was so great seeing everyone again! We shared about our time spent away from school and our book of the week was focused on New Year’s resolutions. It was special seeing what fabulous resolutions each kid had. A few stuffed animals joined us during our read aloud this week. We taught the kids about these special pets that gain energy from being read to. On Friday we held a pet adoption day, where each kid adopted their own animal that will be their reading buddy. It was a blast! These will be going home with the kids this week! They know that it is their job to read to their pet everyday for 20 minutes.

Kids creating name tags for their new reading pet!
Some of the animals that were up for adoption.

We are looking for volunteers to be Mystery Readers in our learning center. In the days leading up to your reading we will read clues about you to the class and they will try to guess who it is going to be! Then you can come in and read a story to the class. You can bring a book that you have at home or you are welcome to come choose a book from our class. Mystery Readers can be aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings, friends etc. If you are interested please email us with three clues about you and we will find a day/time that works!

In literacy we are putting an emphasis on fluency. Reading fluency is composed of 3 main components: speed,accuracy, and prosody.

Speed – Fluent readers read at an appropriate rate of speed for their age or grade level (usually measured in words per minute or wpm). They visually scan 3+ words ahead when reading aloud, and maintain smooth visual tracking line to line.

Accuracy – Fluent readers have highly automatic word recognition,and the skills to sound out unfamiliar words.

Prosody – Fluent readers use prosody (pitch, stress, and timing) to convey meaning when they read aloud.

When we are able to read with fluency we can better understand what we are reading and it can become more enjoyable!

Practicing our fluency reading with our 7th grade buddies.



In math the 2nd graders are digging into fractions. The 1st graders just wrapped up a geometry project where they designed their dream house. It was amazing see how focused and independent they were on this project.

Learning all about endangered animals from the 5th and 6th graders.
Listening to a beautiful song from Ted at All School Meeting.


Important Information:

  • This FRIDAY we are sponsoring El Tioga.  The money raised benefits our classroom in many ways, primarily to fund our ODE trips.  Did you know that most learning centers charge a fee for ODE?  We try not to by earning the money through El Tioga.  This week we are having quiche, grapes, and fudge.  We are looking for 3 volunteers! Please email us if you would like to help out. THANKS TO SARA FOR ALL HER HELP WITH EL TIEGO! Woot woot!
  • Mid-Year Reports will be sent home on Friday, January 17th.  OPTIONAL Mid-Year Conferences will be held on Friday, January 24th.  If you would like to schedule a conference that day, please let Angie or Taryn know.
  • 1st graders were sent home with List #2 of heart words in their Friday folder. This was a blue piece of paper. Please practice reading and spelling these words at home.


Important Dates 

1/20        No School – MLK

1/24        No School for Students- Optional Conferences/Teacher Work Day

1/31        Choices Round 2

2/ 5        BE Tryouts

2/6        All School Ski Day

2/20        5pm School Information Night