~The First Few Weeks of the 2019-2020 School Year~

Hey CCS Families!

I’m thrilled to be working inv my 4th year at CCS as school counselor. So far this year, I’ve have met with learning centers K-6 as a class to introduce myself and my role. Here at CCS my role as counselor is to provide Brief Solution-Based guidance. This means during 25-40 minutes sessions I help them identify a challenge, a goal and help them formulate strategies to meet this goal. I have let them know my door is open to talk about day-to-day stressors, worries and celebrate successes. My role is also to provide Social/Emotional education in the classroom setting related to the Four Points of the CCS Compass: Community, Responsibility, Social Justice and Lifelong Learning.

For the next few weeks in the classrooms K-6 I am teaching the topics of Lifelong Learning, Neuroplasticity and Growth Mindset. Neuroplasticity is the concept that our brains are always growing and changing! Which will take us into the concept of Growth Mindset in the following lessons. On that note, here are some cool things to know about your child’s developing brain, from the book Parenting the Whole Child, Scott M. Shannon MD and Emily Heckman:

-A child’s brain is the most complex ecosystem in the universe

-At the peak of fetal brain development, more than 250,000 nerves are created each minute

-Your child has twice as many brain cells as you do

-Your child’s brain is twice as active as yours

-Your child’s brain has twice the number of interconnections that yours has

-When neurons migrate in a child’s brain, they can move up to a few centimeters. That’s equivalent to traveling the distance from New York to California!

-The human brain at age 5 is more adept at building new synapses than any other time in life

-Early brain stimulation increases the number of blood vessels by 80%

-Trauma may decrease the size of a child’s cerebral cortex by 20% or more