Early Hominids take over 7/8 classroom, Caverns Sales Continue, Walk/Bike to School Oct 4th


After learning about five different early hominids (homo habilis, erectus, neanderthalis & sapiens), students acted scenes to teach their peers about the special capabilities of each group.

We have MORE CAVERNS TICKETS available for kids to take and sell over the weekend.  In addition to the CCS community and your friends & neighbors, please consider other groups & neighborhoods in which to sell.  It would be great to try the high schools, CRMS, professional offices, or other places where there are families.  If you parents know can talk it up at work or know folks through your work or friendship circles who are interested,  we have more tickets your child can sell- and there are prizes for the TOP TWO TICKET SELLERS.

Walk/Bike to School Day is next TUESDAY, Oct 4th.

Thx!  Ted