Dear 7 & 8 grade parents-

Checking in today with students, we had a couple students who’d sold some tickets, yet over half had not sold any!  This is our LAST week of selling tickets for our fundraiser at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park this SUNDAY, Sept. 30th!  Last year we raised over $4,000, which is a long way to go in one week, but we can do it if we try!  We’re asking students to commit to selling at least two tickets.

We’re also asking students to bring their tickets and $ to school each day as we have people beyond our community who’ve heard about sale and come to the school looking for tickets.  Our tickets are nearly all in the students’ hands, so Sandra may direct those folks to your student.  If you are in need of more tickets, let us know.  Also, if you have any great ideas for selling tickets to a group (getting groups together, approaching youth groups, a family or neighborhood day together etc.), please pursue them or let us know.  We’re already reaching out to CRMS weekend activities coordinators.  If you have connections or students who are involved in other groups- soccer teams, hockey teams, Church youth groups, siblings in high school, etc.- let’s get to them and offer them this awesome 1/2 price opportunity!  Get your friends together and have a memorable day or fall color and adventure at the Caverns!

Thx, Ted, Katie & Francie