It’s fall!

Highlights:  It has been so fun digging potatoes with the 5-6th graders.  The Ks have dug up, washed and dried a lot of potatoes from the garden. We are excited to make Stone Soup! Language Arts:  The Ks have been practicing stretching out their sounds to make words.  We have been playing with the AT family (cat, bat, rat) and AP family (cap, tap, sap) as well as stretching out longer words using a resource. […]

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Getting in the GROOVE

Highlights:  During the All School meeting we listened to the story The Quarreling Book by Charlotte Zolotow, illustrated by Arnold Lobel. The book was about interacting nicely with others and how a positive exchange affects a chain of people.  Then we listened and watched a small performance by the two music teachers of the Beginning Strings class.  Lastly we participated in a warm-up and learned to sing a song in a round with the entire […]

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What a week!

Highlights:  We enjoyed seeing everyone that could make it to the Back to School Night! The Ks were very excited to see their decorated homework folders and to read the notes you left in their journals.   This week the Ks learned how to play with their friends in a safe, inclusive, fun, way.  They received the Wheel of Choice Chart to help them with options when a conflict arises. Through out the year, we […]

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Kindergarten Calendar

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First week of school!

    Highlights: We had a wonderful first week of school! It was fun and sometimes challenging forming letters, writing a story, reading, exploring math shapes and numbers, and learning various routines.  Language Arts: We enjoyed a shared reading of the big book, Dan the Flying Man. We first looked at the pictures to see if we could see if we could figure out what the story was about. Then we read the book together noting how […]

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