1-2 Learning Center

Bring on the Cardboard…but not all at once!

Hi parents of the amazing 1-2 class! We are on the threshold of the Cardboard Arcade and it’s time to send in SOME of the cardboard that you have been saving.  Tomorrow, we will be taking the first big step – a design challenge using cardboard, duct tape, plastic spoons, and a marble.  We will be designing our own games with only these supplies.  This step will likely take a few days.  As we move […]

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Ready to Learn!

Classroom Promises, Buddies, & Celebrating Uniqueness!

What a wonderful second week of school we had in the 1-2 learning center. We have enjoyed spending time and getting to know each child in our learning center and we can’t wait for those relationships to grow more throughout the year. It was great getting to chat and share delicious food at the Potluck with you and your family. This was the first week that night journals were due. We loved seeing their artwork […]

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It’s a new school year!

The first week of the 2019-2020 school year is in the books!  We have had a lively week in the 1-2 learning center getting to know each other, learning routines, sharing ideas, and exploring the classroom.  We enjoyed meeting with you all at Back to School Night last Thursday! August 26 – August 30, 2019 Ask your child about… Sharing and charting our First Day Feelings Bob McMuffin and Connection Circles Laughing at and connecting […]

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Fossils and timelines!

We accomplished a lot of learning and sharing of our learning last week!  In addition to our regular math and literacy, we: Learned about the three main periods of the dinosaurs including the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous; We created dinosaur timelines and studied dinosaurs from each time period; Studied the four types of fossils (trace, cast, true form, and mold); Made our own salt dough fossils to extend our learning; Topped off our timeline and […]

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Dinosaurs, Pirates and El Tioga

It’s been another busy week in the 1-2 classroom. We continued our study of dinosaurs and fossils with an activity to demonstrate that dinosaurs came in all sizes. We worked together to create a life-sized drawing of the head of a T-Rex and then to create another life-sized drawing of a sinornithosaurus, a dinosaur smaller than the T-Rex’s head! On Friday we created a timeline of the history of the Earth with a roll of […]

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